Chocolate & Framboise

In celebration of our anniversary,
The Rum Cake Lounge has baked something
very special for you: a sc-RUM-ptious
chocolate and raspberry rum cake.
This is sure to please anyone with an
affinity for these two flavors.

It begins with our luscious
devil's food rum cake, ripples of
chocolate ganache and raspberry
coulis, finished with a rich
chocolate and raspberry rum glaze.
This is truly one of our favorite flavors.

Size: 45oz. = Serves approx. 16 to 18 people.

Vacuum packed for optimum freshness
for up to 6 weeks on the shelf.






*Contains: Wheat, eggs, milk, soy, nuts, tree nuts.
Please note that ALL our cakes are made on equipment that mixes the above-listed ingredients.

Our gourmet rum cakes are baked daily with the freshest
and finest ingredients with no preservatives added.

Directions: For optimum freshness, leave on the shelf at room temperature (65F to 75F)
and consume within six weeks of purchase. After opening the vacuum-packed bag,
plastic wrap your cake and leave at room temperature (65F to 75F) and consume within one week.