Vanilla Creme Brulee (12 x 2oz.)

Classic french vanilla custard rum cakes
baked with speckles of rich vanilla bean
and our special cream blend.
We then fill each cake with a vanilla white
chocolate ganache and top it with a
brown sugar caramelized rum glaze.
Tres Bon!

Size: 2 Boxes of 6 X 2 oz.
Each order= Serves approx. 12 people.

Vacuum packed for optimum freshness
for up to 4 weeks on the shelf.

*No substitutions allowed.






*Contains: Wheat, eggs, milk, soy, nuts, tree nuts.
Please note that ALL our cakes are made on equipment that mixes the above-listed ingredients.

Our gourmet rum cakes are baked daily with the freshest
and finest ingredients with no preservatives added.

Directions: For optimum freshness, leave on the shelf at room temperature (65F to 75F)
and consume within six weeks of purchase. After opening the vacuum-packed bag,
plastic wrap your cake and leave at room temperature (65F to 75F) and consume within one week.